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Thera-Band Pro Foam Roller can be used as as part of your warmup, cool down, and recovery routine. The foam roller helps improve blood circulation, stretch muscles, break up knots, and increase range of motion. One of the best ways to self-treat myofascial pain is by using the foam roller to work out the tension in your muscles to ease pain and keep you mobile. Thera-Band Pro Foam Roller is made of premium and highly durable closed cell-foam material and can be used as a stand-alone device or with Thera-Band Foam Roller Wraps+. Thera-Band Foam Roller is available in the standard 6" diameter, and 12" length. The Foam Roller is separately packaged with detailed color illustrations pertaining to general techniques for working different muscles in every part of the body.

  • Traditional foam roller made with closed-cell EPP foam to increase durability and maintain roller form

  • Provides relief from sore muscles and joints, proven to relieve and reduce pain caused by delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

  • Add Thera-Band Foam Roller Wraps+ with ridges and progressive densities to create a customized deep tissue massage

  • Includes detailed color instructions featuring stretching and strengthening techniques divided by muscle groups


  • Foam Roller Wraps with ridges attach to any 6" round foam roller and are designed to enhance self-myofascial massage during rolling

  • Easy to attach and remove with hook and loop strips, quickly interchange with thicker density wraps to target deeper tissue

  • Wraps are easy to clean and protect foam rollers, help them maintain form, and keep them looking like new

  • Individually packaged with detailed, exercise instructions featuring general techniques and advanced exercise divided by muscle region

Foam Roller with Wrap

SKU: 11968
Color: Red
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